99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session - 2017
Representative Jeff Pogue
Jeff Pogue
District 143

Years Served:
Capitol Address
Address:MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 400-CC
Jefferson City MO 65101 
Rep. Jeff Pogue, a Republican, represents Dent, Shannon, Oregon, and part of Reynolds Counties (District 143) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was elected to his first two-year term in November 2012.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Pogue has been a carpenter by trade for the past 16 years, along with being a local contractor. He still works on the family farm in Salem, where he was born and raised. Rep. Pogue is also a staff pastor at Living Water Worship Center in Rolla, MO.

A 1999 graduate of Salem High School, Rep. Pogue earned an Associate’s degree in General Studies from Southwest Baptist University in 2012, followed by a Bachelor's degree with a dual major in Psychology and Sociology from Southwest Baptist University in 2016.

Born in Rolla, Representative Pogue resides in Salem with his wife and their three children.
Sponsored Bills
HB 201 - (0287H.01I)
Prohibits school districts from collecting biometric information on students without the express written consent of parents or legal guardians
HB 202 - (0293H.01I)
Requires all public restrooms, other than single occupancy restrooms, to be gender-divided
HB 203 - (0295H.01I)
Forbids the placement of refugees without the approval of the Missouri General Assembly
HB 204 - (0288H.01I)
Requires all sales, transfers, or other conveyances of lands owned by the state, and acquisition of lands by the state, to be approved by the General Assembly
HB 205 - (0289H.01I)
Allows a person authorized to solemnize marriages to refuse to solemnize a marriage which is contrary to the religious beliefs or sincerely held moral convictions of such person
HB 206 - (0292H.01I)
Prohibits the collection of water, soil, or commodity samples by governmental entities without the written consent of the landowner
HB 859 - (1174H.01I)
Establishes the "Second Amendment Preservation Act"
HB 860 - (1795H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding jurisdiction ceded to the United States within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways
HB 861 - (1794H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land
HB 1128 - (1797H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding income tax so that tax rates are reduced if tax revenues exceed the revenues of any of the three previous years
HB 1129 - (2074H.01I)
Imposes a one-year moratorium on state land purchases and requires the General Assembly to be notified of any requests to purchase land by any state agency
HB 1130 - (2069H.01I)
Requires the Department of Natural Resources to sell certain lands acquired through environmental settlement funds
HB 1176 - (2107H.01I)
Expands child neglect to include a child that is born with a controlled substance in the child's fluids because the pregnant mother knowingly used a controlled substance before birth
HB 1177 - (2065H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding abortion
HCR 41 - (2086H.01I)
Discourages the directorship of Missouri Department of Conservation Director Sara Parker Pauley for her involvement with the misappropriation of environmental settlement funds
HCR 42 - (2093H.02I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment to repeal the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States
HCR 43 - (2058H.01I)
Calls for a special session for the purpose of eliminating the state's involvement in the institution of marriage
HCR 44 - (2070H.02I)
Urges the Board of Public Buildings to remove the metal detectors and security at the entrance of the capitol building
HJR 41 - (2061H.01I)
Allows both the General Assembly and the people to submit referendums on federal laws
HJR 44 - (2165H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the amount of property tax state entities pay on state lands
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation