99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Tila Hubrecht
Tila Hubrecht
District 151

Years Served:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 165 - (0076H.01I)
Changes provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses
HB 174 - (0859S.04C)
Provides protections for alternatives to abortion agencies
HB 226 - (0893H.02C)
Changes the laws regarding the powers and duties of Regional EMS Medical Directors
HB 227 - (0884H.01P)
Establishes the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
HB 404 - (0952H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding abortion
HB 405 - (0953H.02C)
Specifies that no investigation is required for a death that occurs under hospice care
HB 537 - (1281H.01I)
Establishes the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act
HB 692 - (1430H.01I)
Prohibits abortions of unborn children capable of feeling pain
HB 778 - (1631H.01I)
Requires assisted living and residential care facilities to provide residents with educational information on influenza
HB 786 - (1694H.01I)
Modifies certificate of need requirements for long-term care facilities
HB 1067 - (2193H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to inspection requirements of mental health facilities
HB 1087 - (2198H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to the termination of parental rights of a rapist after a child was conceived and born as a result of rape
HB 1111 - (2255H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to the rights of individuals receiving services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities
HB 1192 - (2334H.01I)
Requires that at least one member on the Missouri State Board of Nursing be an advanced practice registered nurse
HCR 17 - (1539H.01I)
Urges all educational institutions to provide information to students and parents about meningococcal disease and available vaccines
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation