99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Steve Cookson
Steve Cookson
District 153

Years Served:
Hometown:Poplar Bluff
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 69 - (0679H.01I)
Authorizes a sales tax in Ripley County dedicated to the rural fire protection district
HB 465 - (1026H.01I)
Raises the minimum teacher salary for the 2018-19 school year, subject to appropriation
HB 466 - (1024H.01I)
Increases funding under the school funding formula for school districts with an assessed valuation per student that fell within the lowest 10% of all school districts in the 2004-05 school year
HB 467 - (1031H.01I)
Prohibits local school districts from setting an opening date for the school term that is more than 10 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September for school year 2018-19 and for subsequent years
HB 468 - (1032H.01I)
Requires school financial audits to contain certain information relating to extracurricular activities within the school district
HB 583 - (1027H.02I)
Caps school superintendent salaries and requires publication of school employee salaries in local newspapers
HB 584 - (1025H.01I)
Requires any statewide athletic organization with a public school district as a member to report to the joint committee on education during the legislative interim
HB 650 - (1036H.01I)
Provides for cost of living increases for public school retirees
HB 700 - (1536S.03C)
Designates a portion of Highway 25 in Stoddard County and Dunklin County the "Narvel Felts Highway"
HB 755 - (1572H.01I)
Modifies provisions related to teacher retirement
HB 758 - (1599S.02C)
Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB 820 - (1043H.01I)
Establishes the public school parental choice act
HB 879 - (1798H.02C)
Establishes a program to designate portions of highways for famous Missourians
HB 891 - (1824H.01I)
Provides for cost of living increases for public school retirees
HB 959 - (1457H.02C)
Allows certain all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles to be operated on two-lane highways and allows operation for agricultural purposes on roads within a twenty-mile radius of agricultural land, when certain requirements are met
HB 1053 - (2084H.01I)
Requires school districts with students who earn industry-recognized certifications to transfer moneys for certain purposes
HJR 32 - (1591H.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate personal property tax
Co-sponsored Bills
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