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4-19-19 Proposal would give state law enforcement, judges power to take guns from domestic abusers
Advocates many Missouri victims of domestic violence are terrorized, and many have been murdered, because their abusers were allowed to keep their guns.
4-11-2019 House plan would ease late payment penalties, interest, in response to surprise tax bills
HB 1094 would block late payment penalties on tax debt owed to the state by individual taxpayers through the end of this year.  It would also waive any interest owed on such debt until May 15.  For those who might pay penalties before the bill would become law, it would require that those Missourians receive refunds.
4-9-19 House votes to clear needle exchange programs to fight IV drug use, disease
The Missouri House has passed a bill that would legalize programs already operating in the state that give drug abusers clean needles.  Supporters say those fight the spread of intravenous diseases and expose drug users to treatment options.
4-5-19 House proposes a chance at parole for certain inmates over 65 serving life
House Bill 352 would apply to a small number of inmates who have served at least 30 years of a sentence, who have no prior violent felony convictions, are not convicted sex offenders, and are serving a sentence of life without parole with a 50-year minimum.
4-4-19 House approves bill meant to stop school-to-school movement of child abusers
The House has proposed that school districts open up lines of communication with one another to stop employees with a history of abusing students from going from one district to another.
4-1-19 Sweeping criminal justice reform package prepared for consideration
The House Speaker has said criminal justice reform is a priority in the remaining weeks of the session, and a bill containing several proposed reforms has just been compiled.  It has the backing of a man made famous by President Donald Trump earlier this year.
3-28-19 House approves budget plan maintaining $100-million boost to transportation
If that proposal becomes law it would be the first time GR dollars have been used for transportation infrastructure.
3-27-19 House votes to roll back, rather than eliminate, vehicle inspection requirements
The state House has backed off of a proposal to eliminate vehicle inspections in Missouri.  Instead it proposes that inspections would not be required until a vehicle is 10 years old or has more than 150,000 miles on it.
3-27-19 House considering free birth certificates for individuals escaping domestic violence
The fee to get a new copy is often a burden to a survivor faced with numerous other expenses while trying to start down a new path in life.
3-25-19 Bill honoring the late Rep. Cloria Brown becomes law
The House and Senate have agreed on House Bills 448 & 206, to rename a portion of U.S. 61/67/50/Lindbergh Boulevard in St. Louis County the “Rep. Cloria Brown Memorial Highway."
3-22-19 'Fresh Start Act' seeks to lift roadblocks from people seeking to get back to work after crimes
The Missouri House has voted to make it easier for people with criminal records to reintegrate into society by getting a job, and to save them from working toward getting a job only to find out after much time, effort, and expense that their offenses will disqualify them.
3-22-19 House members told some license offices could soon close; proposal would increase their fees
People that run some of the state’s license bureaus say those will close if the fees for the services they provide aren’t increased.  That could create hardships for Missourians, especially in rural areas.
3-14-19 House votes to require veterans courts in all jurisdictions in Missouri
Backers say the bill would give veterans, "an opportunity to clear their names, to get a clean record, and give them a second chance at life, but more importantly it will show them that we have not given up on them.”
3-14-19 House proposes tougher license revocation laws for those who hit workers, emergency responders
The Missouri House has proposed that the Department of Revenue Director be given authority to revoke the license of a driver who hits a road or utility worker in a highway work zone or an emergency responder at the scene of an emergency.
3-13-19 Advocates: Ease confidentiality rules in child death investigations to save kids' lives
Each year hundreds of children’s deaths are investigated by child fatality review panels.  Those panels’ meetings, reports, and records are kept confidential, and state officials say that could be costing more children’s lives.
3-12-19 House votes to extend insurance coverage for children with developmental disabilities
The House has voted to require insurance companies to cover therapies for developmentally disabled children in Missouri, which would expand on a 2010 law that required coverage for therapy for children with autism.
3-6-19 House Budget head unveils road and bridge funding proposal as part of F.Y. '20 budget
The Missouri House’s Budget Committee Chairman has unveiled his plan for paying for road and bridge work in the state, in place of the plan proposed by Governor Mike Parson (R) in January.
3-5-19 Missouri House proposes increased fines for poaching
It’s cheaper for a non-Missourian to come into the state, poach an animal, and pay the fine for that, than it is to buy an out-of-state hunter tag.  The Missouri House has voted to change that.
3-5-19 House votes to prevent jailing of Missourians for failing to pay jail bills
The Missouri House has voted to keep judges from putting people back in jail for failing to pay for the costs of keeping them in jail.
3-1-19 House Committee considers proposal to bar breed-specific local laws
Backers say such laws are unfair and punish responsible owners.  Opponents say such local laws are needed to control threats frequently posed by some breeds.
3-1-19 House Committee considers legalizing needle exchange programs to fight disease, addiction
People who’ve benefited from needle exchange programs that are operating outside Missouri law are asking the state House to make them legal so they can be expanded.
2-26-19 House endorses adding fentanyl, 'date rape' drugs to trafficking laws
The Missouri House has proposed strengthening the state’s trafficking laws to include the potent pain reliever fentanyl and its derivatives, as well as Rohypnol or GHB – both commonly known as “date rape” drugs.
2-21-19 House Committee considers legislation to stop abusive teachers from going to new districts
The Missouri House is looking for ways to keep schools from hiring people known to have sexually abused students while working in other districts.
2-21-19 House initially approves 'Simon's Law;' would require parents be aware of end to child's life-sustaining care
The House is close to voting to prevent do-not-resuscitate orders from being issued for Missouri children without a parent being aware.
2-21-19 Missouri House endorses elimination of mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes
Missouri law requires that offenders with one prior conviction must serve at least 40-percent of a prison term.  Those with two prior convictions must serve 50-percent, and those with three or more must serve 80-percent.
2-20-19 Missouri House adopts bill that would eliminate vehicle inspection requirement
The Missouri House has advanced a proposal to join 35 other states in eliminating the requirement that motor vehicles be inspected in order to be licensed.
2-15-19 House moves to lift hospice care death investigation requirement; change aimed at comforting families
Backers of House Bill 242 and an amendment added to House Bill 447 say that Missouri law requiring coroners and medical examiners to investigate a death in a home doesn’t account for the increase in the use of hospice care for terminal patients.
2-13-19 House pushes mental health awareness after death of members' family friend
St. Charles Republican Chrissy Sommer said that during her drive to the Capitol on Monday she received the tragic news that the mother of her daughter’s best friend had committed suicide.
2-13-19 House committee: Missourians not properly warned about possible smaller refunds, greater taxes owed
House members investigating the Department of Revenue say it hasn’t prepared Missourians for owing more income tax debt or getting smaller tax refunds this year, and that many Missourians could suffer because of it.
2-12-19 Missouri House sends prescription drug monitoring proposal to the Senate
The Missouri House has voted to create a statewide monitoring program for drug prescriptions.  Backers hope such a law would combat the abuse of prescription drugs and help prevent conflicts between medications.  Opponents say it would violate Missourians’ constitutional right to privacy.
2-7-19 House approves ethics reforms for local officials, open records exemption changes
The Missouri House has voted to enact a number of ethics reforms for local elected officials, but support for the bill was tempered by an amendment that creates exemptions to the state’s open records, or “Sunshine,” law.
1-31-19 Family of MoDOT worker killed in work zone asks lawmakers to toughen license revocation law
More than two-and-a-half years after Lyndon Ebker was struck and killed while working on a MoDOT Road Crew, the man that struck him was still driving.  Ebker's family, the Department of Transportation, and Representative Aaron Griesheimer (R-Washington) say that’s not right, and they’re asking the legislature to change state law because of it.
1-31-19 State lawmakers to ask governor for clemency for man sentenced as teen to 241 years
A growing body of Missouri legislators wants to ask Governor Mike Parson (R) to act on behalf of a man in state prison with a sentence that they feel far exceeds his crimes.
1-31-19 House committee advances prescription drug monitoring proposal
The Missouri House is again being asked to consider creating a statewide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), with the aim of battling the abuse of opioids and other prescription medication.
1-30-19 Bills would let victims of domestic or sexual violence or stalking get out of leases
The language in House Bills 243, 544 and 683 is described as, "profound.  It’s huge.  It’s going to save lives.”
1-28-19 5 years after Hailey Owens was murdered, Representative hopes to pass bill in her name
Lawmakers say Owens' murder highlighted a need to expedite the issuance of Amber Alerts in Missouri.
1-18-2019 House staff efforts to respond to ‘Clean Missouri’ sunshine provisions continue
Sixty-two percent of Missouri voters in November approved Constitutional Amendment 1, better known as “Clean Missouri.” The Amendment included language that would extend the application of the state’s open records law to the state’s lawmakers.
01-25-2019 House Committee advances bill to protect trafficking victims from prosecution
Missouri law makes it an affirmative defense for a minor charged with prostitution to have been acting under coercion at the time of the crime.  Under House Bill 397 it would be an affirmative defense that the defendant was under the age of 18.  It would also allow a person guilty of prostitution while a minor to apply to the courts to have records of that crime expunged.
12-03-2018 Missouri House asked again to revamp HIV infection laws, endorse needle exchange programs
Missouri lawmakers will again consider a bipartisan effort to reduce exposure to and the transmission of HIV in the session that begins in January.
11-29-18 Miller settling into new role as Missouri House's chief clerk
The new chief clerk of the Missouri House brings to the job years of experience, a love for the legislative process, and a passion for history.
11-16-18 Ceres statue removed from Capitol dome for first time in 94 years
The bronze statue was taken down off of the dome Thursday morning by crane so that it can undergo cleaning and conservation.
9-14-18 Missouri legislature completes special session, sends two bills to Governor Parson
Parson called lawmakers back into session to reexamine issues covered in two bills he vetoed.  One of those would establish statewide standards for treatment courts, such as drug and veteran courts; the other would allow high school computer science courses to count toward graduation requirements for math, science, or practical arts credits.  The House voted on Wednesday to send those bills to the Senate, and today the Senate approved those bills without making any changes to them.  That means they go to Parson for his consideration.
9-13-18 House votes to override governor on four budget items; Senate takes no action
The Missouri House voted to override the governor’s vetoes of four items in the state operating budget that became law in July.  The Senate has opted not to take up those items for consideration, so the governor's vetoes will stand.
8-30-18 Missouri legislature called into special session for STEM, treatment court bills
The Missouri Legislature will convene for a special session next month to reexamine two bills vetoed by Governor Mike Parson (R).
8-16-18 Extensive Foster Care reforms passed in 2018 session set to become effective
Legislation that has become law would help children get an education, proper medical care, and ease their transition out of state care.
8-16-18 Missouri legislature takes steps toward addressing 'rape kit' backlog
The Missouri Legislature this session passed three provisions aimed at addressing the thousands of untested rape kits in the state.
8-2-18 Bill to extend Medicaid coverage to chiropractor visits becomes law
Backers say by giving Medicaid recipients more options for treating pain, fewer patients will risk becoming addicted to opioids, and the state will save money by getting away from other, more costly treatments.
7-2-18 Gas tax increase goes from legislature to voters on November ballot
The legislature is asking voters whether they want to increase Missouri’s gas tax to pay for road and bridge work and to boost support of the Highway Patrol.
5-24-18 Missouri legislature proposes reform of state's sex offender registry
A bill that aims to strengthen Missouri’s sex offender registry, and give some sex offenders a better chance at rehabilitation, was one of the bills passed out of the legislature on Friday in the final hours of its regular session.
5-21-18 With victim's family present, House passes bill to require reporting of sexual assaults in nursing homes
Several years ago a woman living in a Missouri nursing home died after being sexually assaulted in that home, and the identity of her attacker will likely never be known.  On Friday the Missouri House completed passage of a bill aimed at keeping that from happening to anyone else.
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