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6/2 - Bill Creating Enhanced DWI Penalties Signed into Law
Jefferson City – Legislation that creates stronger penalties for DWI offenders was signed into law Wednesday. House Bill 1695, 1742 & 1674 is sponsored by Rep. Bryan Stevenson, R-Webb City.

The bill requires drivers with blood-alcohol levels of at least 0.15 percent to spend 48 hours in jail, and those with at least 0.2 percent to spend at least five days in jail, unless they complete the requirements of a DWI court or docket or other court-ordered treatment. In addition, the bill allows any circuit court to set up a DWI docket or court for repeat offenders or those whose blood-alcohol content exceeds 0.15 percent. Several Missouri courts already offer DWI Courts, which allow repeat DWI offenders to avoid jail time while receiving treatment for alcohol abuse.

The bill also requires state courts to handle any DWI case involving a defendant with two or more alcohol-related contacts with authorities or intoxication-related traffic offenses, requires police and prosecutors to adopt policies for reporting information on DWI offenses to a central databank, increases the minimum jail time for previous DWI offenders from five to 10 days, and increases the minimum jail time for a persistent offender to 30 days.

The provisions of House Bill 1695, 1742 & 1674 go into effect August 28.
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