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12-03-2018 Missouri House asked again to revamp HIV infection laws, endorse needle exchange programs
Missouri lawmakers will again consider a bipartisan effort to reduce exposure to and the transmission of HIV in the session that begins in January.
11-29-18 Miller settling into new role as Missouri House's chief clerk
The new chief clerk of the Missouri House brings to the job years of experience, a love for the legislative process, and a passion for history.
11-16-18 Ceres statue removed from Capitol dome for first time in 94 years
The bronze statue was taken down off of the dome Thursday morning by crane so that it can undergo cleaning and conservation.
9-14-18 Missouri legislature completes special session, sends two bills to Governor Parson
Parson called lawmakers back into session to reexamine issues covered in two bills he vetoed.  One of those would establish statewide standards for treatment courts, such as drug and veteran courts; the other would allow high school computer science courses to count toward graduation requirements for math, science, or practical arts credits.  The House voted on Wednesday to send those bills to the Senate, and today the Senate approved those bills without making any changes to them.  That means they go to Parson for his consideration.
9-13-18 House votes to override governor on four budget items; Senate takes no action
The Missouri House voted to override the governor’s vetoes of four items in the state operating budget that became law in July.  The Senate has opted not to take up those items for consideration, so the governor's vetoes will stand.
8-30-18 Missouri legislature called into special session for STEM, treatment court bills
The Missouri Legislature will convene for a special session next month to reexamine two bills vetoed by Governor Mike Parson (R).
8-16-18 Extensive Foster Care reforms passed in 2018 session set to become effective
Legislation that has become law would help children get an education, proper medical care, and ease their transition out of state care.
8-16-18 Missouri legislature takes steps toward addressing 'rape kit' backlog
The Missouri Legislature this session passed three provisions aimed at addressing the thousands of untested rape kits in the state.
8-2-18 Bill to extend Medicaid coverage to chiropractor visits becomes law
Backers say by giving Medicaid recipients more options for treating pain, fewer patients will risk becoming addicted to opioids, and the state will save money by getting away from other, more costly treatments.
7-2-18 Gas tax increase goes from legislature to voters on November ballot
The legislature is asking voters whether they want to increase Missouri’s gas tax to pay for road and bridge work and to boost support of the Highway Patrol.
5-24-18 Missouri legislature proposes reform of state's sex offender registry
A bill that aims to strengthen Missouri’s sex offender registry, and give some sex offenders a better chance at rehabilitation, was one of the bills passed out of the legislature on Friday in the final hours of its regular session.
5-21-18 With victim's family present, House passes bill to require reporting of sexual assaults in nursing homes
Several years ago a woman living in a Missouri nursing home died after being sexually assaulted in that home, and the identity of her attacker will likely never be known.  On Friday the Missouri House completed passage of a bill aimed at keeping that from happening to anyone else.
5-21-18 Missouri legislature proposes statewide funding mechanism for 911 services
An issue that has faced lawmakers and the state’s counties for about two decades might finally have been addressed, as the Missouri House on Friday completed passage of a proposed statewide way to pay for 911 services.  This makes the first time such a bill has been approved by the legislature and sent to a governor.
5-17-18 Missouri House honors well-known Capitol employee who started local summer lunch program
Malissa Smith has worked in the Capitol’s cafeteria for twelve years.  Visually impaired since the age of 31, she helped train workers in the cafeteria when it was operated by the Division of the Blind.
5-16-18 Missouri legislature honors sheriff, 1st trooper killed in line of duty, as nation honors police
The state legislature has voted to memorialize two law enforcement officers fatally shot in 1933 by naming for them sections of Interstate 70 near where they were shot.
5-16-18 Legislature includes money for K-3rd grade dyslexia screenings in FY '19 budget
The budget approved last week by the Missouri legislature includes some money for screening children for dyslexia while they are in kindergarten through the third grade.  Those screenings are required under a bill the legislature approved two years ago.
5-14-18 Legislature's budget proposal would boost employee pay and benefits, study pay by job class
The legislature approved a budget that would increase by $700 the pay of employees making less than $70,000 a year.  Those making more than $70,000 would receive a 1-percent increase.
5-10-18 House votes to condemn Missouri high court's 1852 decision in Dred Scott case
The Missouri House has voted, in the presence of one of Dred Scott’s descendants, to denounce the 1852 decision  by the Missouri Supreme Court to deny Scott his freedom.
5-10-18 Legislature's budget could help counties save money on holding state prisoners
The budget passed by the Missouri legislature this week aims to get the state caught up in payments to counties for holding state prisoners, and to give counties cheaper options for taking care of those prisoners.
5-9-18 House proposes increase in state aid to sheltered workshops
House Bill 2644 would increase from $19 to $21 dollars the amount the state pays to workshops for every six-hour or longer day worked by a handicapped employee.
5-8-18 Budget proposal maintains House's steep cuts to DHSS after dispute over virus data
The conference committee agreed to cut money equal to the salaries of eight positions in the director’s office, including the director.
5-1-18 Missouri House votes to give judges more freedom from mandatory minimum sentences
House Bill 1739 would allow judges to issue sentences below those minimums except in crimes that involved the use, attempted use, or threat of physical force, or certain non-consensual sex crimes against a minor.  A case would have to have a “substantial and compelling” reason the minimum sentence would be unjust to the defendant or would not be needed to protect the public.  The House voted Tuesday to send that legislation to the state Senate.
5-1-18 Missouri legislature votes to ease regulation of hair braiders, curb future business regulations
The state House voted Tuesday for the final passage of House Bill 1500, which started off as a bill to ease regulations of hair braiders, but added to it is language that will make the state think twice about imposing regulations on new professions.
5-1-18 House approves limited medical marijuana proposal
The Missouri House has voted to allow those suffering from debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana.  The proposal now goes to the state Senate for consideration.
5-1-18 Missouri House votes to block public contracts with companies that boycott Israel
The Missouri House has voted to bar the state and its local governments from entering into contracts with companies that are participating in a movement to boycott Israel.
4-27-18 House members prepare for conference with Senate on FY '19 budget
The House and Senate are roughly $570-million apart in their respective spending plans for Fiscal Year 2019.
4-25-18 House approves bill backers say would reduce prescription drug costs
HB 1452 sponsor Lynn Morris said the bill would eliminate "gag orders" that keep pharmacists from telling customers how to save money on prescriptions.
4-25-18 Missouri House considers legalizing medical use of marijuana
The Missouri House is one vote away from proposing that Missouri legalize the medical use of marijuana by people suffering from certain terminal or debilitating conditions.
4-24-18 House prepares extensive foster care reform legislation
An increased focus on issues concerning foster care in Missouri has resulted in a bill containing 11 different reforms meant to make life better for children who are in, and who leave, that care.
4-19-19 House Speaker: Committee investigating governor will 'have the time it needs to finish its work'
Missouri’s House Speaker said he doesn’t want to constrain the committee he created to investigate allegations against the state’s governor.
4-12-18 House passes proposal to increase access to long-acting birth control, save Missouri money
House Bill 1499 would let health care providers use a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) for a patient other than the one to whom it was initially prescribed.
4-10-18 House approves bill taking multiple approaches to opioid addiction fight
Sponsor Keith Frederick (R-Rolla) said the overarching idea behind the bill is to see a shift in the response to opioid addiction from law enforcement and incarceration to treatment availability.
4-4-18 House passes 'pain capable' abortion ban
The state House has proposed barring abortions in Missouri of any fetus a doctor determines is capable of feeling pain.
4-4-18 House votes to expand definition of 'service dog,' criminalize faking a service animal
House Bills 1369 and 2031 are aimed at making life better for those who legitimately have service dogs and service animals, according to sponsor Chrissy Sommer (R-St. Charles).  She said such people make up a growing segment of society, as the list of conditions dogs can help with continues to grow.
3-28-18 House approves bipartisan collaborative effort to extend Medicaid coverage for postpartum substance abuse care
House Bill 2280 extends MO HealthNet benefits for pregnant women who are receiving substance abuse treatment within 60 days of giving birth for up to 12 additional months. 
3-28-18 House budget plan would restore FY '18 funding levels to colleges, universities
The Missouri House has perfected a budget proposal for the next fiscal year including an agreement to hold down college tuition, while restoring $68-million that Governor Eric Greitens (R) proposed cutting from colleges and universities.
3-27-18 House proposes tougher regulation of auto dealers, dealer plates
House Bill 2122 would limit the issuance of dealer plates based on the number of vehicle sold annually.  A dealer selling six vehicles per year could have one plate.  Twelve sales per year is enough for a second, 20 per year for a third, and each additional 10 sales per year beyond that would allow a dealer another plate.
3-23-18 House budget committee votes to continue barring state funding for DUI checkpoints
The House Budget Committee has proposed a state spending plan that would continue to keep state-appropriated funds from going to impaired driving checkpoints.
3-23-18 Missouri House votes to extend child care worker background checks
The Missouri House of Representatives has voted to increase protection for children in the state’s childcare facilities by broadening background checks on those facilities’ workers.
3-26-18 Missouri House proposes reform of sex offender registry
A bill that would update Missouri’s sex offender registry has been sent to the state Senate.
3-21-18 House budget committee adopts stiff cuts to DHSS over Bourbon virus data dispute
House Budget Committee leaders have proposed deep cuts to the office of the Department of Health and Senior Services’ director because the Department has not provided data on a recent virus outbreak that left a state employee dead.
3-20-18 Term-limited House member hopes for, at long last, statewide 911 funding solution's success
The latest effort in a House lawmaker’s years-long quest to address 911 funding in Missouri has been sent to the state senate.
3-13-18 Missouri House proposes repeal of the state's prevailing wage law
The Missouri House has proposed repealing the state’s prevailing wage law.  Backers say the bill will allow more public works projects to move forward.  Opponents say it will lower wages and drive more people onto public assistance programs.
3-9-18 House votes to outline lengths guards can go to in protecting Callaway nuclear plant
House Bill 1797, called the “Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard Act,” would create the offense of “trespass on a nuclear power plant, and make it punishable by up to four years in prison.
3-9-18 House budget leader has plan to restore higher ed funding, but wants agreement on tuition first
The Missouri House budget committee has a plan to continue funding of Missouri’s colleges and universities at the amount budgeted last year, but in exchange lawmakers want those institutions to freeze tuition.
3-1-18 Missouri House adopts resolution launching investigation of charge against Gov. Greitens
The House has adopted a resolution that launches its investigation of a felony charge against Governor Eric Greitens (R).
3-1-18 Representative proposes easing of mandatory minimums for some crimes
The state House is being asked to consider giving judges more flexibility about when to impose minimum sentences mandated by Missouri law for many offenses.
3-1-18 Missouri House proposes civil penalties for poaching
The state House has voted to increase fines for poaching because it’s cheaper for non-Missouri residents to poach than to hunt with a license.
2-28-18 Bipartisan House bills would close 'loophole' that allows domestic abusers to have guns
House Bills 2276 and 1849 are sponsored by Representatives Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson) and Tracy McCreery (D-St. Louis), respectively.  Both bills would expand the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm to include those who have been convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors or who have a full order of protection against them.
2-28-18 House proposes criminalizing 'revenge porn'
The Missouri House has voted to criminalize what is often called, “revenge porn;” sharing or threatening to share private sexual images of a person without that person’s consent.  Such sharing often happens by the uploading of those images to the internet.
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